Announced - This inspection is scheduled with the provider; usually used when a provider is opening a new business

Business Fraud - Category for incidents regarding billing the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP) too much, or billing for children not attending child care.

Business Practices - Category incidents regarding unprofessional behavior, or issues with discipline, feeding, potty training, napping, children's activities, communicating with families, or billing practices.

Child Abuse and Neglect - Category for incidents regarding children who were physically or sexually harmed or left alone by their provider without adult supervision.

Death - Category for incidents where a child died at the location of, or as a result of participating in, child care.

Health and Safety - Category for incidents regarding facilities that are unsafe or dirty. Concerns regarding contagious illnesses, diaper changing practices, hand washing practices, storage of medication or food, and/or smoking on the premises.

Imminent Danger - Category for incidents regarding children that were currently in danger, agencies should have responded immediately.

Licensing and Agreements - Category for incidents regarding operating without appropriate licenses or permits. Not following the rules of the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP).

Serious Injury - Category for incidents regarding children that required hospitalization or a doctor’s care. (This category is not used for minor injuries such as scrapes, diaper rash, or child-to-child biting.)

Substantiated - After an investigation, if it is determined by the relevant authorities that an incident occurred, it is considered “substantiated” 

Supervision concern - Category for incidents regarding children being left unattended, too many children to one adult (ratios), too many children in one place. This is also the category for incidents when staff may be too young, or do not have CPR training, or background checks.

Unannounced - This inspection is an unscheduled or “surprise” inspection at a child care facility, which may happen any time during their operating hours.