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Health and Safety Inspections

What is a Health and Safety Inspection?

Most child care providers offer safe and healthy environments. Health and safety inspections and investigations are a normal part of child care in Idaho. Inspections are not intended to "catch" anyone doing something wrong. Inspections help ensure the safety of children and staff, support staff in following requirements by finding concerns, and promote continuous improvement.

Idaho began publishing the results of health and safety inspections October 2017. Inspections are published as they are conducted and maintained on this site for at least three years.

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Incident Reports

What is a Substantiated Incident?

Occasionally, families and community members may report that a child care facility is not meeting requirements for safe and healthy child care. All child care incidents reported in Idaho are investigated. After an investigation, if it is determined by the relevant authorities that an incident occurred, it is considered “substantiated.” It is important to know that only substantiated incidents and allegations are published on this website. Incidents that are still under investigation will not be published until the investigation is concluded.

Idaho began publishing substantiated incidents in October 2017. Incidents are published as each investigation is concluded and maintained on this site for at least three years. 

0 Substantiated Incidents
No substantiated incidents available at this time.